What type of clients do you provide services for?

We service single- and multi-specialty practices, ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) and anesthesia groups with single or multiple locations.

Are you familiar with in-network and out-of-network models?

Yes, we are proficient in all aspects of in- and out-of-network models.

How long is a typical startup period?

Most transitional periods take up to three months, however, each client is different.
Once our initial assessment is complete, we will provide you with a more accurate timeline.

During the startup period, how long will it take to get my claims billed?

Claim submission typically starts 1-4 weeks from the start of contract date. Each client is different, and billing varies based on the outcome of the initial assessment. Once claim submissions have started, claims are then billed on a daily basis.

Is your coding compliant with current standards?

We provide the best quality of coding. We work with multi-specialty coding specialists and follow all AMA and CMS guidelines.

Can you verify patient benefits and eligibility? Can you complete pre-authorizations and pre-certifications? Can you provide pricing for the patient’s out-of-pocket cost share?

We can verify and check your patient’s eligibility and benefits, complete pre-authorizations and pre-certifications, and provide pricing for your patient’s out-of-pocket cost share.

When does the follow-up process begin on billed claims? How do you handle non-payments from patients?

Collectors will follow-up on claims 15-20 days after submission. We work closely with our clients to setup a tailored billing experience for your patients.

Do you collect on aged receivables?

Yes, we can collect on aged receivables and provide statistical reporting.